At Firelight Camps, our goal is to provide our guests with an amazing outdoor overnight experience while supporting our surrounding community. We care deeply about our community and choose to partner with a number of nonprofit organizations. In addition, we provide donations to nonprofit organizations in the form of corporate sponsorships, overnight accommodations or vouchers that can be used for fundraising events.

If you are interested in applying for a Firelight Camps sponsorship, please review the criteria below. If you match the criteria, then use our Charitable Donation Application to submit your proposal. For our company it is easier to receive and process requests during the winter months. As such, we will review and process all applications on an annual basis and will advise you via e-mail if your request has been approved. Please do not call Firelight Camps to check the status of your application. Donation requests are to be submitted by March 15th for consideration this calendar year. 

Preference will be given to requests that meet the following criteria:

  • Your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Your organization currently serves and supports a community with close proximity to one of our campgrounds.
  • Your organization's mission is aligned with Firelight's mission of promoting natural resource conservation, outdoor leadership, land stewardship, sustainable building practices, or sustainable tourism. 

We are inspired and amazed by the work member-driven nonprofit organizations accomplish in communities, especially ours.  We are honored to consider your request!