Firelight Lovers Bundle

Firelight Lovers Bundle


The Firelight Lovers bundle is for all the glampers who have come to Firelight Camps to reconnect with each other in the great outdoors. Don't let your romantic retreat end when you head home! Keep the love stoked with this bundle of two wine cups and two homemade s'more kits.

The Firelight Camps 17 oz. wine cup is perfect for fireside happy hour, backyard gatherings, and any outdoor adventures. With lightweight, single wall, stainless steel design, this unbreakable wine cup is a sleek vessel for your favorite red or white. Paired perfectly with your choice of wine, our homemade s’more kits, created by Firelight Camps Co-Founder Emma Frisch, are campfire ecstasy! Each s’more kit includes which include one heavenly vanilla marshmallow, two honey graham crackers (akin to shortbread), and one luscious square of bittersweet chocolate. This s'more is an experience everyone must have.

Ingredients: Marshmallow - sugar, water, glucose syrup, honey, gelatin, vanilla paste. Graham Cracker - butter, Finger Lakes Farmer-Ground all purpose flour, Finger Lakes Farmer-Ground whole wheat flour, cake flour, dark brown sugar, honey, baking soda, cinnamon, salt. Chocolate - dark chocolate, milk chocolate.

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