Falling in LOVE

It is a known fact that the Finger Lakes are a travel destination for wine lovers and waterfall-loving people during the summer months. But, what about in winter? Have you ever seen the glorious Buttermilk Falls in the dead of winter? Or the transformation of the Taughannock Falls Gorge trail? Well here is your sneak peak...

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

It is amazing how the power of water fluctuates throughout the year. Raging waterfalls in autumn transform into ice masterpieces. This supports a bountiful spring; then the sun begins to shine and turns the flow into a dribble. Check out this video of the mighty Taughannock Falls in all of its glory this winter. 

An icy Ithaca Falls showing us what real power looks like! It is amazing to sit beside and hear the roar of water as it makes its last plunge towards Cayuga Lake. 

Last but not least, the glorious hike through Robert Treman State Park will walk you down remarkable gorge staircases and over bridges. Various waterfall views keep you thinking "ITHACA IS GORGES!!!"

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